Corporate Social Responsibility

The practise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of Accentor’s identity and culture, and we embrace our corporate citizenship through the community service that the team provides.

Lead by example

Our partners lead by example and encourage our staff to work as a team, using their core competencies to lead and participate in different initiatives that address the most pressing social and environmental challenges that Australia and Australians face. 

We aim to support the community across a broad range of areas, including (but not limited to) education for children and the disadvantaged, multi-culturalism and the arts, healthcare, and initiatives that promote gender and ethnic equality. 

At Accentor, we also believe that good CSR practice is to bring the business community together to work collaboratively towards solutions that benefit society. We work closely with our customers and networks to undertake group initiatives that help both the local community, and broader Australian society. 

For an example of just some of the CSR activities which our partners have actively participated in the past:

  • Raised funds for a donation to UNICEF in connection with Covid-19 (UNICEF).
  • Raised funds for cancer research (Terry Fox Run).
  • Raised funds to help Australians facing homelessness and disadvantage (Mission Australia).
  • Provided pro-bono professional services to not-for-profit organisations (various charities).
  • Partnered with charities/hospitals to drive donations for cancer research and treatment (the Chris O’Brien LifeHouse).
  • Partnered with art galleries to help promote events that celebrate Australia’s rich arts scene and multiculturalism.

Our concern for the environment

In addition to our charitable work, our CSR policies have focused our organisation on sustainability and best business practice. From the inception of Accentor, we have implemented a paperless working environment. All of our work platforms are cloud-based and we maintain the highest standards of security provided by world-class software companies. This is just one way in which we at Accentor aim to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

We continue to explore ways that we can minimise our footprint and help to preserve Australia’s fragile ecosystems.

Our partners are always on the lookout for additional opportunities to contribute back to the community, and we welcome discussions with local charities and event organisers on how we can assist.

We are an equal opportunity employer

Australia has made great strides in promoting equality and we choose to take the lead. For example, Australia’s full-time gender pay gap is 13.9 per cent, but at Accentor, we are committed and proud of providing a diverse and equitable workplace to our people, and there are no pay gaps based on gender and ethnicity.

We also maintain a workplace that is free of barriers for people with disabilities or neurodiversity.

Our vision and our mission, together with our good CSR practice, enable us to attract and retain the very best talents from diverse backgrounds. 

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