The Leading Accounting Firm Sydney Locals Can Trust

The leading accounting firm Sydney locals can trust

Accentor is the leading accounting firm Sydney locals and businesses from all walks of life have come to trust. We specialise in offering a deep level of service, and unlike most larger firms, we are equally available to all of our clients, from innovative start-ups through to the larger companies – we don’t prioritise the big end of town. 

You can also trust that when you engage with Accentor you are getting genuine experience and expertise. 

Each partner at Accentor has 20 years’ worth of cross-border professional services experience. We’ve worked for global consulting firms across America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, and that veterancy is something that we provide to every client that walks through our doors.

Who we are

Accentor has a team of highly-regarded services professionals. 
Our leadership team includes:

Jack Zhang

+61 (2) 8066 9099

Kathy Zhang

CA, MCom
+61 (2) 8066 9099

Jessica Wei Meng

+61 (2) 8066 9099

Chris Lim

+61 (2) 8066 9099

Eileen Sun

Business Partner, Shenzhen
+61 (2) 8066 9099

Flora Zhao

+61 (2) 8066 9099

What we offer

As the leading accounting firm Sydney businesses and individuals can rely on, the suite of services that we offer are broad in scope. Our full range of services include:

We can assist our clients across the spectrum, from entrepreneurs setting up the next sensational start-up, right through to assisting experienced businesses through financial trouble, or the winding down of a business. We see each of the businesses that we work with as more than a client – we aim to be a genuine part of their organisation, and we celebrate successes and look to overcome challenges with the mindset that we are part of the team. As such, we always take the time to gain a deep understanding of each business that we work with, across their unique challenges, short, and long term goals.

How we work

Our guarantee is that you’ll have direct and easy access to our team – including our partners and senior members – at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re a global multinational corporation, a start-up looking to grow, a family business or a high net wealth individual, your business and finances are important, and it’s our job to help you protect your assets and grow your wealth. 

That we offer our services without the hefty price tag that larger firms attract is an added benefit, but it’s not why our clients come to us. Accentor’s point of difference is in the service levels that we offer, and our clients stay with us for many years – even the entire life-span of their business – because they trust our expert advice, and can also trust that our highly experienced leadership team has taken a personal interest in their needs.

Get in touch

There’s no better time than the present to get in touch and start a discussion around how we can assist you and your business. As the leading accounting firm Sydney locals can rely on, we’ll respond to your query quickly, and set that first meeting up. Contact us today.

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